Brenda Klein
Nutritionist, Health and Weight Loss Coach, Brenda Klein is certified to teach the evidence-based and clinically proven Diet Free Life methodology. The Diet Free Life methodology has helped thousands of people lose fat with real food and improve overall health.
From the Desk of Brenda Klein
I never thought I would be a nutritional weight loss coach! I want to share a Secert with you, I have always felt like I could do this on my own.

The truth is, I needed a coach, the accountability. I have always been the person others went to for that encouragement and accountability. For 25 years I have helped lead men and women to a balanced lifestyle spiritually mentally physically any emotional. I have been in beauty and wellness over 40 years, my hearts desire has always been to help others be and look their best. Being coached by Robert, I learned the diet free lifestyle and experience weight loss, how easy it is getting the results I needed to be the healthiest and best me in my adult life.

Yes, you can lose weight avoiding carbs. You can lose weight going long periods of time without eating. There's many ways to lose weight, but only the Diet Free Life methodology shows you how to eat regular, every day food and drop pounds.

I am here for you to meet you where you are and bring balance to a diet free lifestyle and be the best you!
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